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Mens Couture


As a child Teresa Cruz de Almeida survived the civil war in Angola and escaped to Portugal where her gift for design and tailoring was recognised by her grandmother who was a gentleman’s tailor. As a young girl Teresa learnt from her grandmother and then following her studies in Interior Design studied Fashion Design in Lisbon. Her later studies in Electro Mechanics gave her a unique insight into material structures and wave light behaviours in fabrics. Whilst living in Lisbon, due to her innate ability to design and style, Teresa became an integral part of the Gay scene producing customised one off pieces to cater for men who wanted more individualised, glamorous and well-tailored clothes.

Teresa decided to move to London as this fashion capital would give her the opportunity to explore and develop her innovative and original concepts with a wider and more fashion conscious audience.

TCA Men’s Couture was formed in 2010 and to date Teresa has designed and produced two collections which although very different from each other have followed the same philosophy of style, grace and glamour. These collections have received press coverage and the attention of people in the T.V. industry. TCA’s has built a bespoke design business which targets men who are looking for flamboyant and wearable clothes, as well as stylists and costume designers.