Angel Jesus since a tender age has had a different touch and Groove towards life and entertainment indulging dreams in a pure and authentic way. Different way of thinking means growing into different paths.

With that in mind Angel started encompassing another rhythm in his route enabling all the opportunities that have been coming his way, supporting diverse causes and dive deep into the necessities of other people’s lives, caring and sharing the ultimate energy he carries using words and dance as a tool to potentiate growth not just in himself, but even further for the public in general.

A guru with undeviating significance – Always instructing, teaching and coaching with the utmost

motivational drive incorporated with infinite inspiring leadership skills having experienced life inserted in different outlines, connotations, contexts with different cultures, countries and idiosyncrasies fulfilled with abundant positive vibes he carries and deliveries to those who seek his guidance, coaching and mentoring.

With a sophisticated approach to coaching, Angel has revealed his desire to make the difference in other people’s life enabling growth in lives that once seemed destined to ordinary, are nowadays bounded with motivation, excellency and evolution. Always on the rise!

Unlimitedly enlightened through his Virgo sign, Angel’s attention to detail and perfectionism are always part of a configuration of higher-standards that he draws comprehensively focusing in the continuous development of anyone surrounded by his energies. It is all love and knowledge that transpires into dance, coaching, entertainment. Dare to become a better version of yourself.

In his own words “Teaching and coaching are undoubtedly something I love to do and I do it with all my heart and soul. The more I give to the world the more I’m having back in return!”

Those are the values he assigns to his framework – He assembles in the same path the best of teamwork, straightforwardness to fresh ideas & concepts all of which bounded by truth, love, minimalism, resolution, creativity and righteousness. Highlighting the meaning of life in the smallest detail, Angel has continuously embraced the entrepreneurial success give back more than what he ever got back from his experience. GROWTH!

He will show you the way to your ultimate goals reflecting the deepest desire to be better, achieve more and empower yourself all-in-one. It is Angel Jesus – Ladies & Gentlemen.