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Renato is a Leo born on the third day of August.
The Spider-Man of Neo-expressionism that serenaded JFK through Marilyn Monroe in paintings with the rhythms of The Revolution (of) Kiss in his brush as if he was Prince. Rodyner depicts iconic emotions with intimate, sultry, scandalous and unforgettable imagery.

Often painting with dichotomized expressions, bringing Peter Parker & Spider-Man under the same illustration, from 1962 onwards we have witness this Brazilian, hailing from Porto Alegre, champion art with the uppermost artistry using his creative vein like Péle.

The art of Renato Rodyner lets us dream incessantly, owning an inspiring a passionate drive, in all of his work which holds optimistic elements conveyed through a refined Neo-expressionist voice speaking to raw emotions through his masterpieces.

Colors that translate genuine thoughts and feelings redefine fresh narratives of visual representation. Applying diversity within different roles and daubing controversy with audacious, penetrating and bold messages, he became an influential painter and sculptor by continually addressing culture, sexuality, the human mind and body in his artistic opus.

His most abstract works were materialized from an aerial landscape, where the round, spiral forms represent the archetype of the cosmos and the essence of life in a continuous relationship between multiplicity, the center and the circle.

Renato’s art is a dynamic blend of resources, techniques, ideas, and topics that defy traditional boundaries and challenge easy definition. Neo-expressionism falls in love with contemporary art with an eclectic and diverse eloquence under the artistry of Rodyner. The evocative dichotomies of this brilliant artist narrate life vs death, prosperity vs privation, happiness vs hopelessness, and selfishness vs altruism in the most poetically sumptuous paintings.

Rodyner’s genius and allure is embodied in freedom, history, emotion, intricacy and paradoxes in a combination of harmony colors and textures.