We are developing an improving retail experience established under guidelines of the four dimensions + five senses accentuating the heart, body, mind and soul with taste, sight, touch, smell, hearing.


Operating comprehensively different segments, we are fusing the unparalleled design and bazaar/marketplace with organic/biological gastronomy, fashion, retail items, entertainment, charity and education alongside the highest-standards driven by of our transcultural and transgenerational mindset.

We incorporate all resources to provide our customers with the ultimate, all-in-one solutions placing challenging expectations as together we engineer the next steps in order to continuously offer the most competitive prices, products, service and evolving solutions.

Our customers define their taste, budget and benefits, we deliver the expertise, abundance, and energy. We offer an extensive range of services at an inviting, creative and family-friendly manner.

The Power of

The Power of

Our range of products are laid on a foundation of several principles such as their comprehensive selection, competitive pricing, high-standards of quality, promoting, complying and rediscovering the value of local agriculture and biodiversity, short food supply chains and superior nutritional elements for each one and all symbolizing responsible consumption.

Between what we offer and the expectations of our customers there is a space. In that space lies the delivery of excellence we represent. That is the image our customers carry when they entrust us over the long-term. It is a hereditary portrait that conveys the art between our Group and our customers. By strengthening synergies with our producers and livestock farmers we are pledging a peerless standard of quality. We establish a fresh balance between available natural resources and the various needs at stake without neglecting either their humanity or biodiversity.

We are promoting overall growth through a strategy of sustainable environmental practices, economic feasibility, and permanent commitment towards our customers, endorsing corporate social responsibility, operating ethics, community support, supplier partnership and encouraging our transcultural and transgenerational mindset.

From inception to completion

Diversity and Versatility are qualities intimately aligned with our core, and when the Royal word is out, along comes the what is synonymous with it such as the finest, most creative and innovative visions developing a totally unique approach to expand boundaries. We imply the ingenious affordability to maximize potential in this creative hub for a variety of different projects that symbolize achievement beyond completion. As soon as we are about to successfully conclude one project, another is being embarked upon. A new journey and vision is being propelled at Royal.

From the original exclusive food-experience to the alluring fashion statement, we set an unparalleled entertaining environment where our customers learn to feel at home even when they are not. We bring different countries to your table, rich cultures to your outfits and consolidating values to your knowledge, adding bountiful energy to your soul as you experience life through the invigorated senses of a tourist.

BE Forever, BEyond Time

Our Core


We deliver a multisensorial experience with energy emanating from our inspiring design aligned with our expert customer service. With fascinating textures, we are driven beyond techniques and combinations setting the right flavor to your immaculate taste which in your eyes represents a work of art. We strive to grow, evolve and mature continuously while pleasure stays a flavoring element of our staff. We succeed together by operating thoroughly, being utterly committed to perform at the best level every day. We thrive in appealing to all the senses of our customers and make them feel at home, inspiring a new tomorrow by cultivating a culture of satisfaction and craving for more ability in the present. We have exquisitely designed these state-of-art areas inviting our customers to feel like leading stars. Our stage, Your experience.

BE Royal, BEyond Expectations

Providing 5% of income through community grants and programs, charity
Performing arts, entertainment, fashion retailer, apparel, shoes, jewelry, grocery TRG45 Empowers coherent ensemble of Luxury and Sport & Lifestyle premium brands specializing in apparel and accessories
Delivering fashion and affordable luxury to customers, Offering fashion and quality at the best price for women, men, children and lgbt, as well as cosmetics, accessories.