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de Lacroix


Without reasonable doubt Monica deLaCroix is a liberty leading people representation over Canker Kaçar in a combination of Hard Knock Life & 2pacalypse condensed into a controversial and dysfunctional family system where historically there are glimpses of Gloria Carter. Housing different cultures in the blood, Canker everlastingly has been inspired by his grandparents, aunts & mother who mastered the art of tailoring, alongside the leadership skills, that were motivating towards their entourage of tailors.

Under such brilliant guidance, this little shy & self-conscious boy started to embrace his own 3Cs policy – Confidence – Creativity – Creation. Boosting confidence for the forthcoming classy & sexy woman profile, envisioning creativity through ball dresses for dolls elaborating outstanding creations were the first steps towards the drive of becoming eloquent amongst the most legendary fashion designers in the world.

Through his childhood, CanKer’s embryonic steps into the passion for fashion were taken by top cutting curtains to make bridals & stitching dresses for his sister’s dolls from materials appropriated from his grandma’s atelier. The admiration for fashion was in its inception but another worthwhile love was being designed that would impact everything surrounding CanKer and the later fashion creations.

The Blueprint portrayed through The Gift & The Curse in a passionate dichotomy saw Bonnie & Clyde uniting themselves inside of one sexy body, mind and soul. The fresh, emancipated woman adorned with a similar alter-ego as Sasha Fierce, If I were a girl, genius driven and organically fully-fledged. From the gay CanKer into the transgender Monica, the bridges burnt were lighting the way towards fulfillment – the road to nirvana.

Silks, taffeta, and satin materials were fascinated with tambour beading (bead embroidery) and so was Monica with fashion, going from scapegoat in a violent household to embrace freedom through fashion.

Central St Martins was the next step, a fashion scene that inspired the likes of Sarah Burton, John Galliano, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen and Riccardo Tisci. After successfully graduating in a more balanced prêt-à-porter environment, the sun started to shine more on other side, the patterns of couture. A couturier was being born…

The most expensive luxury resort Mardan Palace paved the way for celebrity influence of Monica deLaCroix and Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone, Richard Gere, Monica Bellucci, Paris Hilton have been among the illustrious dressed by her.

Haute Couture, Bridal, Evening Gown for Women and Homme collection for Men with glimpses of prêt-à-porter are in the heart of the designer’s creations.

Monica deLaCroix creates new forms by using modernized sewing techniques combined with handcrafted embroideries and a varied colour palate. The Monica’s effect for feminine silhouettes are timeless and sophisticated. Having dressed high-profile actresses, musicians, artists both on stage and on the red carpet, Canker KaÇar's evolution into Monica deLaCroix’s self-titled labels which have grown to become a global brand are distributed widely in the Middle East and is progressively expanding.

MDL’s universe is positioned between the antiquated and modernity. Sophisticated lines with highly feminine glam, soul and elegant silhouettes add a unique take on classical fitting techniques, exuding originality. Being considered as one of the best fashion designers in the transcontinental Eurasian region, the collections are created with a solid understanding of luxury fashion, mainly focusing on the notion of 'reality' rather than 'beauty'.

This fashion Cinderella, Monica, expresses a surprising compositional maturity with exclusive appeal channeling an overwhelming feeling of love and sophistication in every unique creation. She keeps the designs both profitable and provocative yet influentially powerful. The indelible & very first transgender fashion designer is a pioneer of massive shifts, both aesthetically and philosophically, with constant crossover presence in the different type of artistries such as fashion, cinema, television, theater, literature, illustration excelling conceptually with gold, black, white, ivory, red, bordeaux and pastel colors.

Inquisitiveness mesmerizes Monica making her continuously redefine contemporary itineraries with fresh avenues of awareness and methods to educate, engage and influence its clientele. This binary hybrid combination depicts, in the best way, both the shape and form of men and women all-in-one. A work in progress to finish an incomplete narrative; that of the ultimate transgender.

A Monica deLaCroix woman is wealthy & independent. A sense of self-pride and self-preservation, the Darwinian instinct connects the outfit and outfitted in a seamless selection/assertion. They look Exclusive & Expensive because they are, moreover Exciting & Exceptional. The Canker KaÇar woman is sexy, sophisticated, glamorous, determined and fierce. These exquisite sensations are an export of what women feel when they flaunt MdL’s creations.

The extensive expertise and style covers Haute Couture, Ready-To-Wear, Children's Fashion, Red Carpet Gowns, Accessories, Lingerie, Eyewear, Fragrance, and Home Décor.

Fashion displaying, random identities, definition beyond opinion, gender-fluid showcase, trending androgyny, and unique gender neutrality are concepts fully incorporated in a hybridized vision interplayed by Canker vs. Monica. All of which established in between expanding horizons, without limitations or stereotypes, embodying undefined perception of dressing into a unique experience.

Every outfit grasps an element of the human condition, encompassing different emotions, embracing diversity, while providing multisensorial rhythms acknowledging the singular within every moment.

When life is made of moments, unlimitedly be yourself. Be Forever, Beyond Trends